about phahama

where we witness Africa rising to her full potential within our lifetime

Welcome to Phahama lodge

Derived from Sesotho, one of the 11 official languages of South Africa, "Phahama" encapsulates the essence of empowerment, advancement, and elevation.Our creative journey began in June 2010 with a vision to establish a haven where communities – comprising businesses; leadership teams; management teams; ministry groups; primary, secondary, and tertiary educational institutions; and families – can pause, reflect, and accelerate toward positive impact in their spheres of influence.

our recipe for creativity includes:

  • Immersing ourselves in the humble reflection inspired by the archaeological history of the Cradle of Humankind.
  • Embracing the revitalizing solace and tranquillity of the African bushveld.
  • Valuing time as our most precious commodity, conveniently located just a 30-minute drive from Pretoria and Johannesburg, accessible via well-maintained tar roads.
  • Offering adventurous experiences designed to push you out of your comfort zone, fostering breakthroughs where thinking and behavior may be stagnant.
  • Providing connectivity to facilitate hybrid conferencing, enabling seamless collaboration.
  • Ensuring a secure environment as Africa ascends to its full potential, with features such as:
    • Reliable natural water supply.
    • On-site electricity generation using generators and solar power.
    • Trained security guards and state-of-the-art, AI-based security camera surveillance.

At Phahama Lodge, we invite you to be part of our journey as we contribute to the unfolding story of Africa’s rise

Thank you for choosing to partner with us. Please find our banking details below, including a SWIFT code for international contributions.


Account Number: 9 2 7 4 9 5 1 2 7 0

Account Type: Savings

Branch Code: 6 3 2 0 0 5

Swift Code: ABSAZAJJ

Thank you for partnering with us as we  we witness Africa rising to her full potential within our lifetime.